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Airport Biometric Trial Helping Passengers Save Time

January 8, 2018

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A trial of a biometric check-in and boarding system at Brisbane airport in Australia has been a major success says SITA. Passengers flying to New Zealand are able to simply use their face to board their flights.


How does the biometric system work?

The trial is a joint venture between Brisbane Airport, Air New Zealand and SITA. It allows passengers to register a biometric, in this case a facial scan, when they arrive at the airport. They use a self-check-in kiosk to link a biometric with their travel documents.

Later when it comes time to board the plane, the biometric is checked, with no need to stop again and get out travel documents or passports. The system automatically checks passengers are authorised and makes sure they are getting on the right flight.

Such a system might have stopped the well-publicised recent incident, when a passenger got on the wrong flight at LAX airport in Los Angeles. Unfortunately, that flight was heading to Japan and had to be turned around 4 hours in, when the mistake was finally noticed. Whoops! That was 8 hours of travel to go exactly nowhere.

A system with convenience and security

Biometrics would have prevented that, but of course, that’s not a regular occurrence. The benefit biometrics bring is speed and convenience. SITA President for Asia Pacific, Sumesh Patel, said the trial was showing times could be cut by up to 70 per cent. He said air travellers want “fast, easy” systems but:

“the challenge is how do we reconcile the passengers’ demand for an efficient and seamless journey with the increasing need for effective security?”

In biometrics, the answer has perhaps been found. That’s certainly why we offer biometrics in our range of solutions. They have the perfect blend of ease-of-use and high security. If they can make the hassle of an airport fly away, they can also help make your place of work a first-class experience.

Australian Aviation: Facial recognition trial saving time at Brisbane Airport

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