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Airport Biometric Solutions Gaining Traction

August 23, 2018

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Airport biometric solutions are growing in popularity all over the world. If you have been jet-setting anywhere yourself recently, you might have seen or used such solutions. Biometrics are making themselves a perfect fit for air travel because they are helping tackle the hassle we might usually associate with the experience.

Airport Biometric Solutions Gaining Traction

Worldwide use of airport biometric solutions

Airport biometric solutions are hitting an international market, which only makes sense by the nature of the business. We’ve seen recently in San Jose International airport for example, facial biometrics are starting to be used for every single passenger. John Wagner of U.S. Customs and Border Protection said:

“We are solving an incredibly complex security mandate: a legislative requirement to take biometrics from departing visitors without creating gridlock and shutting down air travel.”

SITA has just been contracted by the Saudi Arabian Government to upgrade 26 airports in the country too, introducing biometric solutions to improve customer experience and security as numbers of incoming passengers are expected to continue to grow. We’ve reported many times in the past about numerous trials and implementations of biometrics around Europe, Asia, Africa and America.

Just the beginning for airport biometric solutions

There’s still a long way to go for airport biometric solutions even if we are starting to see biometric solutions employed all over the world. One report by Acuity believes only 17 per cent of the addressable market for biometric solutions is being reached.

The potential for biometric solutions is just so massive in the industry. They could be used every step of the way of the airport experience to make life so easy, while simultaneously secure for passengers.

They could be used in car park systems, self-service and bag drop-off, as a boarding pass, for border control or maybe even access to exclusive lounges or luxury services.

You only have to look at the long wait times endured by passengers at Heathrow airport that were reported last month to recognise that there is a lot of room for improvement in the speed and convenience of airport travel. Even in one of the most modern airports in the world, wait time at border control for incoming international travellers reached peaks of two and a half hours.

Biometric speed and security

The power of biometrics is in its combination of security and convenience. It’s technology that can guarantee higher levels of safety when implemented properly, ensuring people are who they say they are, whilst at the same time being fast and hassle-free. All users need is themselves to prove who they are. That’s why airport biometric solutions will remain an incredibly powerful tool that will grow in the industry.

But it’s that combination that makes it such a compelling solution to us here at BioStore for the solutions we provide to schools and organizations. The benefits are exactly the same. You can secure an office for example, ensuring only those approved can access, but let them prove the right to access with nothing more than a quick fingerprint scan. Find out more.

BBC: Heathrow Airport passport queues reach 2.5 hours

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