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Advantages of Properly Tracking Employee Attendance

October 4, 2018

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Employee attendance is naturally an important building block for creating a successful business. It’s something so simple that needs doing every day that it can easily be overlooked. Ensure you get the basic task right however, and organisations can foster a company culture heading in the right direction.

Advantages of Properly Tracking Employee Attendance

Employee attendance accountability

An employee attendance system done right creates a platform of trust between employee and employer. Obviously, when employees don’t show up to work without valid warning or notice, they are letting down their business, co-workers and ultimately customers. Organisations need reliable ways of recording that attendance is being regularly met. But employees too need a reliable system that ensures their efforts are recorded and not overlooked. Especially for organisation that offer overtime pay, accurate recording of attendance is vital.

Here at BioStore, we offer biometric systems for recording attendance. When employees sign in with a biometric, there is no doubting the system as it can’t be hoodwinked. No colleague could sign-in for another by telling them a password or lending them a smartcard. Biometrics ensure the person signing in is who they say they are and no one else.

Employee attendance with accountability through biometrics ensures everyone is on the same page and pulling in the same direction – no excuses.

Flexible employee attendance solutions

The nature of the office day is changing though in many organisations, and employee attendance should be able to adapt and cope with that. Office hours for many are more often being tweaked to allow for greater work life balance – and it’s becoming increasingly common for people to work from home or remotely.

If biometrics on devices like smartphones, tablets and laptops are used in exactly the same way as they are at the office to record attendance – the accountability can continue even for those outside the office. Biometric authentication in a range of scenarios ensures employee attendance tracking can remain flexible and work with the modern office.

When there’s no doubt about who’s working when and where, offices can relax and get on with the job in hand. Get everyone on the same page and the office can get to work.

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