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Key Advantages of Biometric Attendance Systems

March 28, 2019

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The advantages of biometric attendance system are not confined to just employees or employer. That’s their great strength: they are in everyone’s interest. Working in everyone’s favour, they help organisations run smooth operations.

Key Advantages of Biometric Attendance Systems

Advantages of biometric attendance systems for employees

The advantages of biometric systems are most keenly and regularly seen by employees. They can register their attendance for the working day with nothing more than a fingerprint. They don’t need a password, PIN or smartcard, all things they could lose or forget. Instead, they only need themselves and their fingertips.

It makes registering attendance so simple and so convenient. And for employees, it’s reliable. There is no mistaking who is registering when biometrics are used, so employees know their working hours are properly recorded as they sign in and sign out.

Biometric identity management can also help employees reliably work remotely and flexibly. With a biometric sign-in process, access to the organisation is reliable and secure at the office and remotely.

Advantages of biometric systems for the employer

The advantages of biometric system for employers are somewhat the same, in that proper working hours are recorded reliably. But it goes a bit further than that for employers. With biometrics they can be sure that no mischievous activity is taking place. No one can use someone else’s form of identification to pretend they are at work when they are not. Friends can’t scan a card for a friend for example.

On top of that, if biometric attendance is mixed intrinsically with access control, the security of your organization can be maintained, at the office and for remote log-in. Only your employees and no-one else can access your sensitive locations and data. There is no password to be phished or smartcard to be stolen.

The key advantages of biometric attendance systems are convenience and security – both for employees and employers, and both in the office and for remote access. The operations of an organisation can be made smoother than ever, without ever hampering security procedures. Find out more.

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