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The Advantages of Biometric Attendance

November 8, 2018

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Biometric attendance has a key advantage for offices: it works in everyone’s favour. For both employer and employees, it raises levels of security, but at the same time remains incredibly simple.

The Advantages of Biometric Attendance

Why biometric attendance for the office?

For offices, biometric attendance can help ensure working hours are properly and reliably recorded. When employees must use a biometric such as a fingerprint to register their attendance at work, there can be no misunderstandings or foul play. No one can register a colleague for them, either signing their name in or borrowing their smartcard.

It ensures employers are getting the hours they pay for from their workers – but likewise it acts as insurance for employees too. Reliably recorded working hours ensure proper pay and potentially overtime is recorded too.

This reliable attendance recording is combined with a higher level of security for the office – making sure only those properly authorised can access the office overall, or perhaps access certain areas once within.

Biometric attendance benefits for employees

This increased security is the number one advantage of biometrics, but it will likely be the simplicity of the system that employees appreciate most. Biometrics mean no need to remember smartcards. They mean no forgotten passwords and they mean access to the office everyday is just really simple and hassle free.

Offices can take this convenience to the next level if they incorporate the same biometric into other services around the office. They could use identity management for more than just biometric attendance, but incorporate the biometric into computer log-in, cashless catering, printing and more. That approach creates a unified office that really appeals to employees.

Biometric attendance elsewhere

The benefits of biometric attendance are massive in the office, but such solutions are not confined to that scenario. We also allow other organisations to take advantage of such solutions, most notably in schools. But leisure centres and gyms are other examples of organizations that could benefit from biometric systems. Anywhere that would benefit from secure and easy authentication could benefit. Find out more about BioStore’s approach.

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