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How Biometric Sign-in can Reduce Employee Frustration
How Biometric Sign-in Can Reduce Employee Frustration

April 30, 2019

Biometric sign-in can be the answer to user frustration in a number of scenarios. It’s the way to reduce hassle and make access easy and simple. And there is no better place to reduce frustration than in the ...

The Best way to Implement a Door Access Control System
Install a door access control system to ensure security

April 25, 2019

A door access control system is vital for most organisations today. You want to set the access controls per individual to ensure the access level desired. Whether we are talking about a business’s office, a school, gym or hospital – organisations need ways of protecting their premises and...

Biometric Airports Coming into Land
Biometric Airports Coming into Land

April 9, 2019

The convenience and security biometric airports provide is driving the further deployment of such technology around the world. Researchers are predicting big growth in the coming years and one of the first European deployments of biometrics launched re...

How to Make Visitor Sign In Easy and Secure

March 7, 2019

Visitor sign-in needs to work for both your guests and the employees in your place of work. That means implementing a solution that balances the need for strong security but is convenient for all parties as well.Making...

The Benefits of Proper Office Access Control
The Benefits of Proper Office Access Control

February 28, 2019

Office access control might seem like a small thing with limited benefits. But the way you allow employees to do access control throughout the working day all adds up. If you can make their multiple access control interactions easy and secure throughout the day, the overall benefit is...

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