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A Day in the Life of a BioStore Leisure Centre

October 28, 2015

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Leisure centres should be just that: leisurely. They shouldn’t be a pain to use and they shouldn’t throw up barriers that get in the way of the patrons. And that’s where BioStore comes in. We help create a leisure centre that is a simple to use facility for all its members. From parking and entering the building, to leaving after a gruelling work-out, a steamy sauna, or a bracing dip in the pool, BioStore can provide a leisure centre experience that keeps the hard work in the Gym and makes the rest of the trip a pleasure.


A unified leisure experience

BioStore’s identity management solution is what gives it the edge. The centralised ID management solution allows a leisure centre to deliver a totally unified experience to its members. Members simply need to use the same single authentication to access and use everything on offer. That authentication could be a password, a smart card, pin or even a biometric – whatever suits the organisation – including combinations of any of the above for extra security.

Let’s take a biometric fingerprint for example. When members sign up – their account is created on the leisure centre’s system and linked to a biometric fingerprint scan. All the details of their account, their permissions, perhaps even credit, can be identified with just their fingerprint now.

Visits to the leisure centre and its facilities become incredibly easy and smooth experiences. Perhaps even before ever stepping into the building. If the centre has member-only parking – a fingerprint scan of a verified member is all they would need to lower the gate and access the car park.

Access to the building itself could be verified in much the same way. With a touch of a finger they unlock the door or pass through a turnstile. There is no need to stop and sign in.

All areas of the building could be controlled in the same way. Perhaps a member pays a subscription for use of the swimming pool and sauna facilities but not the gym. Their fingerprint would simply grant them access to those areas but not the gym. It’s a system that requires little management and lets members get on with what they are there to do without interference.

It’s a lock

On a smaller scale than access to whole areas and facilities, BioStore can also integrate its access control system into other areas such the leisure centre’s lockers. Instead of a lock and key solution, lockers can be activated with a simple biometric fingerprint scan. No longer do members need to go swimming with a key tied round their ankle. With this method the leisure centre admin work and costs are cut too because replacement keys are never needed. Plus, lockers can be reused daily by different members, rather than providing permanent lockers to individual members, which space restrictions don’t always allow.

Topping up

Any catering facilities at the leisure centre can be added to the system. Payment for a meal from a canteen or even a vending machines can be activated with just a fingerprint scan. This way, you can keep the experience completely cashless for customers. Members fresh out of the pool and needing a drink wouldn’t have to go back to the locker room to get their wallet or cash to grab a quick drink or snack. Instead, payment would just be withdrawn from their member account that could be topped up online or at reception.

Benefits of Biometrics

A biometric solution is particularly convenient for members as it really couldn’t be simpler than authenticating everything on offer at the leisure centre with nothing but a fingerprint. It goes without saying that members can’t ever forget it, doesn’t ever need replacing – and it’s waterproof!

But the other strong benefit of using a biometric solution is in the added security it provides. Biometric fingerprints are extremely unique. The system is near impossible to hoodwink, so it ensures members are who they say they are. The systems can be used confidently by the leisure centre safe in the knowledge member’s passwords can’t be discovered or smart cards stolen or borrowed. The way BioStore securely encrypts fingerprint data ensures security of the highest standards for both the organisation and its members.

Different but the same

Your leisure centre experience could be very different to mine. You might have a hard work out session in the gym followed by a 20-length swim and a game of badminton. All while I’ve been hitting the Jacuzzi, the sauna and the bar! Our visits to the leisure centre have certainly been wildly different – but we’ve accessed all that was on offer in exactly the same simple way. Whatever a leisure centre provides, BioStore can make that experience simple and hassle-free for all members to use.

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