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Creating Convenient Workplaces with ID Management Systems

January 31, 2019

ID management systems can be the key to creating a workplace that is flexible, easy to use and rewarding for your employees. Importantly though, it can improve accountability and productivity around the office too.How to...

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The Return of the Vending Machine Solution

January 29, 2019

A vending machine solution in the office, at the leisure centre or an airport paint quite an outdated 90’s image in your mind. However, evolutions of vending technology are bringing the solution back into fashion.A new vending...

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Why Implement Cashless Payment Solutions for the Office Canteen?

January 24, 2019

Cashless payment solutions can be the key to making the office canteen an attractive option for employees, helping to get them away from their desk, and instead socialising with colleagues and recharging and refuelling for a productive working aft...

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Biometric Growth Predicted to Continue

January 22, 2019

A couple of new reports have suggested biometric growth is set to continue in the next few years. New technology and forms of biometrics continue to develop, helping to maintain the industries continued growth, but is it the main...

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How to Create Secure Premises for Organisations

January 17, 2019

Your premises, whether you’re a business organisation, school, leisure centre, or whatever you may be, need to be secure and safe for the people who use them. Not just anyone should be able to access them as they see fit. And not everyone who works or uses your premises necessarily needs access to...

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