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Password Weakness Shows Need for Alternatives

December 27, 2018

Password weakness is nothing new. But as the years go on, the death of the password has still not happened. Every year it remains a common weakness that is exposed in hacks. At this point they are not keeping either organisations or their user...

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Biometric Library Software is the Best Trick in the Book

December 24, 2018

Library software that takes advantage of identity management solutions are the most effective, useful and convenient for users. What’s the best form of authentication for the library though?Choosing library software authenticationGood library software...

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Creating Effective Visitor Management System for Schools

December 20, 2018

Visitor management systems are something all schools need – but what’s the best way to track the coming and goings of outside help easily and securely? In a school particularly, you can’t cut corners. The safety of all those on site needs to be e...

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3 Reasons Offices go for a Fingerprint Biometric Option

December 18, 2018

We believe the fingerprint biometric option is the ultimate way for offices and organisations to implement identity management solutions. It offers the best balance of benefits to employers and employees for solutions such as attendance, computer log-in, printing and even catering. What’s the benefit of the fingerprint ap...

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Why Use IAM Technology?

December 13, 2018

IAM technology can help make your organisation safe and simple to use at the same time. By IAM technology, we mean identity access management technology. Organisations that take advantage of a secure identity can offer solutions that are unified and se...

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