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81% Approve of Airport Biometrics, Should Workplaces Follow?

June 25, 2019

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Airport biometrics could be reaching a tipping point. We have seen many trials and schemes over the past few years. It seems now that it is not only airport management organisations and airlines that want them, but passengers too.

81% Approve of Airport Biometrics, should workplaces follow

Americans to embrace airport biometrics

A recent survey showed that 81 per cent of Americans are in favour of airport biometrics. The reasons they support the use of biometrics for identification are varied. However, it was the need for increased security that topped the list. Some 42 per cent want biometrics to tackle their increased security concerns.

One third wanted biometrics because it increases the reliability of correct identification. And another third of those surveyed cited biometrics as preferential because of the convenience they provide.

The real strength of biometrics is that they are able to combine both security and convenience. There is a balance with neither compromised. And at an airport that is so important. We all want the experience to be less frustrating when flying, but security has to understandably be the number one priority.

Making the most of biometric benefits

We see people use biometrics daily in their lives on their smartphone devices to make things easier and safer, and we are now seeing it in airports. Here at BioStore, we allow organisations to implement the same benefits into their premises.

Whether a school, business, gym, or hospital, BioStore can help organisations implement biometric solutions to make the access to physical locations and digital assets secure, simple and speedy.

We employ fingerprint biometrics in our solutions, as we believe it provides the best balance between security and convenience. You always have your authentication to hand when using fingerprints.

We use fingerprints in our private lives constantly, we will start using them more and more when we are travelling thanks to airport biometrics. Why not let people at an organisation use them in their working life too? Find out more about BioStore’s approach to biometrics here.

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