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3 Ways to Improve Workplace Wellness

June 4, 2019

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Workplace wellness is becoming a differentiating factor for organisations. It can make you stand out against the competition when it comes to hiring the best talent. If you take it into account, you can attract strong candidates. Consider the following 3 workplace wellness tips.

3 Ways to Improve Workplace Wellness

Allow for flexible working

Technology can play a big part in ensuring workplace wellness. An identity and access management system that allows secure access to applications from a multitude of devices is a great start. Regardless of where an employee is, they are able to work securely from anywhere, anytime, across all of their devices.

Companies can recruit and retain the best talent by removing the constrains of geographical location. Whether it is occasionally letting employees work from home or on the go, or a completely remote workforce, workers can better balance their working and personal lives. Business can enjoy increased productivity and cut costs by reducing the reliance on a traditional office setting.

Cashless office canteen

Workplace wellness is also improved by ensuring employees are eating well and getting the fuel they need to do their best work. Cashless catering technology for the office can be a great way to achieve that.

Employees don’t need to bring cash and queues are short when payment is handled beforehand. A proper break, with some proper food, can be the cornerstone to creating positive workplace environments.

Encourage fitness for workplace wellness

Healthy employees are productive employees. If you can make small changes, like encourage walking, running or cycling to work, you can make a big difference to employee’s health.

An office gym, showers and lockers could be one way achieve that. Encouraging a fitness regime in the workplace will demonstrate commitment to your employees’ wellbeing. An office gym that uses the same identity and access management system as the rest of the office is the ideal scenario.

An Identity Management system provides a unified approach, using simple and secure authentication methods, and helps a business effectively implement solutions that contribute to workplace wellness.

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