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3 Reasons Offices go for a Fingerprint Biometric Option

December 18, 2018

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We believe the fingerprint biometric option is the ultimate way for offices and organisations to implement identity management solutions. It offers the best balance of benefits to employers and employees for solutions such as attendance, computer log-in, printing and even catering. What’s the benefit of the fingerprint approach?

3 Reasons Offices go for a Fingerprint Biometric Option

Security of a fingerprint biometric option

Firstly, the main benefit of a fingerprint biometric option is the security it provides to organisations. A fingerprint is a lot harder for those who wish to compromise your systems, premises and security to do so. They can’t steal your fingerprint from you like they might a smartcard. And they can’t work out or phish for your fingerprint like they might a password.

You can ensure the security of your biometric fingerprint system with BioStore’s use of encryption for the data on the system too. The data we collect is limited as well. We only use a template based off 50-60 minutia points (the ridges and splits on your fingerprint) to create our biometric solution. That means we don’t use the entirety of your fingerprint, but a small selection. Your fingerprint is not fully stored on the system, and from the limited data that is, your original fingerprint could not be recreated. This creates a system that is accurate and secure but doesn’t put user’s privacy at risk.

Convenience of a fingerprint biometric option

The security of a fingerprint biometric option is the number one benefit. But on a day to day basis, it will be the convenience of such solutions that employees will notice. With a fingerprint used for all kinds of services and applications around the office, they can never forget what they need to access such services and application. Their fingerprint is always right at hand, whenever they need it.

It eradicates barriers and logistical chores, just making the work place easy to get around and use. Its more time concentrating on the work in hand, and not on the admin of logging in, or remembering a password.

Familiarity of fingerprints

There are lots of biometric options out there – but we still believe fingerprints are the best way to go. New technology has to earn its trust from consumers, and fingerprints have been around long enough now to do that. People use their fingerprint regularly now on their smartphones and other devices.

People are comfortable using it to a greater degree than other biometric options. So, offices should recognise that, and offer the identity authentication that is trusted, used, and as outlined above, both secure and convenient for them and their employees.

Find out more about BioStore’s fingerprint biometric option for identity management.

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