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3 Advantages of Biometric Security

January 10, 2019

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The advantages of biometric security go far beyond just giving employees a cool way of verifying their identity. For both employer and employees, biometric security brings a host of benefits to the day to day operations of an organisation.

 3 Advantages of Biometric Security

Safety of biometric security

Naturally, one of the biggest advantages of biometric security is the safety and reliability it brings to organisations. Whether it is accessing physical locations through secure doors, or accessing data online, if biometric security is used, safety is enhanced. Only those approved and no one else can access those areas or files because biometrics like a fingerprint are unique to each person. Whereas someone could learn someone else’s password or steal their smartcard, you can’t obtain someone else’s fingerprint.

A system like BioStore’s uses biometric fingerprint data in a limited way for organisations. Our system uses enough data to ensure reliable and consistently correct authentication within an organisation. However, we don’t store enough data to create a liability. From the data we store, the original fingerprint of employees could not be recreated – ensuring privacy is maintained.

Convenience of biometric security

Those safety advantages of biometric security benefit both employer and employees, but the convenience biometric brings will be most appreciated by employees. Using a fingerprint to access everything around the office, from the building itself, to computers, to catering and more makes the working day simple. Employees need only remember, well, nothing. They can’t forget to bring their authentication with them. There is no smartcard left on the kitchen table or in the car, and there is no complex unique password to remember. Biometric security makes the working day that bit easier for employees to manage.

Cut costs with biometric security

The convenience advantages of biometric security benefit employees daily, but in the long-run, employers gain a convenient advantage too. Registering and deregistering people on and off the system is far easier when it’s all done with an identity management system using biometrics. There are no new cards to print and distribute when employees join the company, and likewise, there are no cards to replace when they are inevitably lost. There of course would be a start-up cost to moving to biometric security, but it’s a system that will need far less maintenance over its lifespan.

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