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Canadians Most Comfortable with Fingerprint Biometrics

 Posted 17.01.2018     Matthew Taylor

A Visa-backed survey has shown Canadian consumers are comfortable and happy using and exploring biometrics. It’s the second study in recent weeks from Visa showing western consumers’ openness to biometric tech. Fingerprint biometrics lead the way Just like in Visa’s ...

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Report Predicts Behavioural Biometrics to Replace Passwords

 Posted 10.01.2018     Matthew Taylor

The researcher Gartner is predicting that behavioural biometrics will be a huge part of what helps eradicate the use of passwords on smartphones. The report suggests on-device AI will become increasingly important in the next five years. Behavioural biometrics potential Gartner’s report...

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Airport Biometric Trial Helping Passengers Save Time

 Posted 08.01.2018     Matthew Taylor

A trial of a biometric check-in and boarding system at Brisbane airport in Australia has been a major success says SITA. Passengers flying to New Zealand are able to simply use their face to board their flights. How does the biometric system work? The trial is...

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What Does 2018 Hold in Store for Biometrics?

 Posted 04.01.2018     Matthew Taylor

The last couple of years has seen huge growth for the biometrics industry. So, can we expect to see more of the same in 2018? Yes and no. While most predict growth, some are warning that biometric growth will slow down this year while infrastructure catches up with the progress that has already...

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Biometrics Appeal to a Vast Majority of People Survey Shows

 Posted 02.01.2018     Matthew Taylor

A survey from Visa has shown just how popular biometric solutions are becoming for the average person. Some 86 per cent of respondents in a survey, conducted by Visa, said they were interested in using biometrics for identity verification and payments. Biometrics easier and faster than...

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