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Two Thirds of Brits Work Through Their Office Lunch Weekly

 Posted 19.10.2017     Matthew Taylor

Brits are not taking advantage of their full office lunch at work. Many workers feel there is too much work to do to take a proper lunch break. The pressure means two thirds of people at least once a week skip their lunch break altogeth...

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HSBC Facial Recognition for China Launches

 Posted 17.10.2017     Matthew Taylor

HSBC is set to become the first international bank to offer facial recognition on its mobile app to customers in China. Customers will be able to log-in, make payments and add new payees to their account using a combination of their face and passwords. Banking’s biometric...

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Too Early for Facial Recognition?

 Posted 12.10.2017     Matthew Taylor

With the iPhone X, the smartphone market is heading towards the introduction of facial recognition biometrics. Apple valued a big screen over keeping fingerprint biometrics on the premium model of their next phone, but is it a risky option? One new survey would suggest ...

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Fingerprint Biometrics Prove Most Popular with Smartphone Users

 Posted 10.10.2017     Matthew Taylor

When consumers are given the option to use a biometric fingerprint on their mobile phone, they use it. That’s according to a new survey by the Fingerprint Cards Commission. It found that fingerprints are the most popular authentication for consumers on their mobile device. 4,000...

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Preparing for New British Cash

 Posted 05.10.2017     Matthew Taylor

There is not long left until the old pound coin is leaving circulation. On October 15 the old pound coin will cease to be legal tender. So, make sure you spend it while you can, though banks will still allow deposits of the old coin after the circulation en...

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