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Millennials Keen on Biometrics

 Posted 26.04.2017     Matthew Taylor

Millennials are looking for quicker and simpler ways to make payments, according to a VISA study of young people in New Zealand. According to the research, biometrics have a ‘cool’ factor that helps make them attractive. Quick and cool The ‘New Zealand...

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Lloyds Bank Shifting Towards Biometric Banking

 Posted 25.04.2017     Matthew Taylor

Lloyds Bank has announced that it will trial biometric banking in the latter part of 2017. In collaboration with Microsoft, it will allow customers to log onto online banking using fingerprint and facial recognition technology. It’s part of an overall shift in the organisation towards mobile sol...

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The Quick Way to Improve Office Working Life

 Posted 20.04.2017     Matthew Taylor

Organisations naturally strive to make their place of work enjoyable and productive environments. One way they can attempt to achieve that, is by removing user frustrations and adopting solutions that genuinely make life easier for their staff. But how can that best be achieved in an...

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How Can Vending Machines Become Part of a Healthy Office Culture?

 Posted 19.04.2017     Matthew Taylor

A professor from Rush Medical College in Illinois has come up with a counterintuitive way of improving vending machines. Brad Applehaus’ plan is not to make vending machines faster and quicker to use – but quite the opposite – he suggests adding a 25 second delay on pu...

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Biometric Banking Demanded at Home and Abroad

 Posted 12.04.2017     Matthew Taylor

Around the world, biometric banking solutions and services continue to develop and expand their reach. Consumers are becoming more eager to use such solutions, and simultaneously, the willingness of banking providers to invest in them is growing. The need to improve security is driving the change all over th...

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