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Customers Will Use Biometrics When Given the Option

 Posted 23.03.2017     Matthew Taylor

For biometrics to really gain traction, it takes the willingness of both the organisation deploying them, and the customer it is seeking to serve. There is no doubt we have seen an increase in the number of industries, companies and even governments exploring biometric solutions, but are users responding and showing that they...

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Huge Biometric Market Only Going to Get Bigger

 Posted 21.03.2017     Matthew Taylor

The market for biometric hardware and solutions is as big as it has ever been right now. But some recent reports are suggesting there is room for yet more growth in the coming years. Fingerprints on top One...

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South Africa Looks to Biometrics for Welfare Benefits

 Posted 16.03.2017     Matthew Taylor

South Africa is the latest country to look towards biometrics as a way of safely and securely delivering governmental services. It seems the Government believes that solutions based on biometrics, are one way of ensuring that the benefits people are entitled to receive, actually reach them per...

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India Heads for Biometric Payments

 Posted 14.03.2017     Matthew Taylor

The Aadhaar identification system in India is very close to introducing biometric payments. Aadhaar Pay could help make payments incredibly simple for more than a billion people. But the last couple of months have not been completely plain sailing for the Aadhaar ini...

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New Survey Shows Biometric Consumer Interest

 Posted 09.03.2017     Matthew Taylor

Organisations are becoming ever-more willing to use biometric solutions as a means of improving their internal security solutions. But of course, biometrics can also create very strong user-facing systems too. So, the question is: How willing are consumers to use such tech...

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