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The Power of an Identity Management Integrated Library System

September 20, 2018

An integrated library system that makes use of people’s identities as a means of verification is one that is incredibly fast, secure and convenient to use. With identity management, you can create solutions that will put you in everybody’s good...

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Why Have Office Lunch Catering Solutions?

September 18, 2018

What’s the need for office lunch catering solutions when the trend is for more and more people to eat lunch at their desk? Is it not a good thing for offices to have their employees working at their desk more often and for ...

The Best Way to Implement Door Access Control Systems

September 13, 2018

Door access control systems are a basic necessity to establish security and safety in the office. In the pursuit for online security, we shouldn’t forget the physical security organisations still need. What’s the best way to do secure door access in this day and age and with the technology av...

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How Management Information System Integration Makes the Difference

September 11, 2018

Management Information System integration ensures the solutions we provide are used to their full potential. For organisations, Management Information Systems can give them a holistic view of their operation, allowing them to properly track data and easily analyse it. They can be vital tools for an organisation’s efficiency and that’s why we make...

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Why Electronic Visitor Systems Have Become so Important

September 6, 2018

Electronic visitor systems are becoming increasingly more common in our workplaces. So much in fact, one report believes the market for visitor management software will reach $6300 million by 2025. Why are such systems on ...

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