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1. Who are BioStore?

BioStore are a UK privately owned and run business and for the last ten years have been amongst the leading suppliers of IT solutions into the education market. Their customer base includes more than three thousands schools with over three million users every day. BioStore’s in house team of dedicated developers provide the market place with high quality solutions tailored to the needs of the client.

2. What is BioStore?

BioStore is an open Identity Management Platform which attaches to over two hundred and fifty separate applications from more than a hundred BioStore partners. Many of their partners are multinational corporations selling BioStore into countries across the world.

3. Who can and can't attach to BioStore?

BioStore have an open policy allowing any company to attach their products to the BioStore platform when they pass our standards accreditation. BioStore’s open policy allows even competitors with their own identity management products to attach their other applications giving a true choice of best products.

4. What are the licensing terms of the BioStore product?

Features and functions are enabled in the BioStore Identity Management Platform by purchasing a BioStore Digital Licence through a partner or directly from BioStore. This Digital Licence comes with a programmed start date and expiry date, typically covering one year, for each application and must be renewed after the expiry date to continue to use the features and functions.

5. What is the difference between V1, V2 and V3 of the BioStore platform?

BioStore V1 was an early Biometric Identity Management system and attached to a single application to provide Biometric authentication and identification.

BioStore V2 was launched several years ago and provides the full Identity Management solution, integrating smart card design and management and full application control with direct links to MIS systems.

BioStore V3 was launched two years ago to replace the V2 platform providing fully integrated access to card printing bureau services along with student opt-out management and permissions.

6. What are the differences between the license conditions of V1, V2 and V3?

The licence conditions of all three platforms are the same. A very modest annual licence fee is charged either through the partner or directly to the end user client. This fee is payable while the digital software licence is in operation and the functions and features are being used. A free second line support package is available while this digital licence is in operation.

7. What is the cost and implication of moving from V2 to V3?

There is no cost to update from V2 to V3 and the same annual license fees apply.

8. An end user license agreement when installing a BioStore Server V2 indicates it has a perpetual license. Do I need to pay the annual license fee?

Most of the BioStore installers come with a perpetual licence. This allows the applications and services to be installed on servers, tills and PC’s without having to pay a fee. This allows partners to pre-install software on their hardware for future activation.

Activation of features and functions within the application is controlled by the Digital Licence purchased from BioStore and requires a very modest annual renewal fee which includes a free support package. This fee has been in force for all BioStore products for nine years and has never increased in price.

9. What is a BioStore Primary Server? And how does it differ to a Secondary Server?

A BioStore Primary Server is the central Identity Management Server and connects to the MIS system to automatically provision people and provides all the enrolment and management control of the platform. BioStore Secondary Servers connect to the Primary server and provide the Identity Services for each partner application. Each application has its own secondary server.

10. Who owns the BioStore primary server?

The customer owns the BioStore Primary Server. By having the customer own the BioStore Primary Server they have the power and the choice to decide which partners and which applications they choose to attach. No one partner has the right to remove or modify the BioStore Primary Server unless authorised by the customer.

11. What other products do BioStore produce?

BioStore have written and produced a range of software applications and hardware that attach to the BioStore Identity Management Platform. These include:

  • IDRegister – a full electronic registration system
  • IDPrint – an identity management system controlling print and copy
  • IDPassword – an active directory password reset system
  • IDAccess – full control of access control systems including Paxton Net2 and iEvo
  • IDLogon – a logon system for Windows
  • IDLocker – a full locker management system
  • IDVisitor – a full visitor management system
  • BioStore FasTrak – a fully featured Cashless Catering system for Primary and Secondary schools.

All these systems connect exclusively to the BioStore Platform and are available directly or from select partners.

12. What happens if the BioStore partner who supplied my Cashless Catering System stops paying the annual license fee to BioStore?

BioStore always places the customer first. If a partner fails to renew the annual licence on behalf of the customer then BioStore will contact the partner and advise them of the situation. If the partner still fails to renew the licence then BioStore will contact the customer and can provide for the licence to be continued directly.

BioStore will always work with the customer to ensure the continued operation of any installed system so as not to disrupt any critical services and will provide emergency support directly to the customer.

13. When does my BioStore License expire?

The expiry date of your licence is available in the digital licence view of the installed BioStore Software control panel for V2 and V3 platforms. Please contact BioStore and a member of staff will be able to help you.

14. A third party company approaches the school and offers an alternative Identity Management system. What are the pros and cons of changing?

BioStore are the most experienced provider of Identity Management Solutions to the UK Education market with over ten years of development on their systems. With three million users every day you can be confident that the system works faultlessly and efficiently with a high level of accuracy and reliability.

Switching to a new Biometric solution will require the time consuming process of re-enrolling the whole school to a system that may not perform to the same high standards. Any other applications linked to the BioStore Identity Management System most likely will not work with the new platform.

Future options will be very much restricted compared with the two hundred and fifty applications available through BioStore’s one hundred plus partners. Staying with BioStore allows you to easily switch between our rich array of providers of applications such as Cashless Catering, eRegistration, Library and Access Control without disturbing any of the other applications you have in place.