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With over 3000 organisations already using BioStore Identity Management, our solutions have been shown to be quick, reliable and robust

BioStore are part of business-critical solutions provider IRIS Software Group, and since 2005 have been amongst the leading suppliers of IT solutions developing identity management technologies. Providing high quality, secure systems for schools and businesses, BioStore’s solutions make it easy to manage the various software applications in use through one secure central user database.

BioStore provides integrated authentication for a variety of applications, including E-Registration, Print & Copy, Password Manager, Computer Logon, Cashless Catering, Visitor Manager, Access Control, Library Management and Locker Systems.

With over three million users every day, BioStore is acknowledged as the leading Identity Management provider in the UK, delivering secure authentication by RFID, Mifare, HID iClass and Magnetic Stripe cards, Username/Password, PIN, Barcode, Finger Biometric and OTP Fob.

BioStore’s in-house team of dedicated developers provide the marketplace with high quality solutions tailored to the needs of the client and can rapidly react to changing legislation and market needs. This ensures BioStore’s product range is always relevant and more significantly, provides the client with what they need, when they need it.

BioStore in the Education Industry

With more than three thousand UK schools and over three million users every day, BioStore’s range of FasTrak Cashless Catering solutions are rapidly becoming the standard for primary and secondary schools with uncompromising quality and reliability.

Using BioStore’s market leading Identity Management Platform, identification of staff and pupils using Finger Biometrics or Smart cards is fast, efficient and accurate, allowing the rapid processing of purchases in the high-pressure school environment.

Primary School Cashless Catering solutions using interactive whiteboard and online pre-ordering, is helping to ease the burden of administering and delivering the Universal Infant Free School Meal program, driving efficiency for the school and improving the experience for the staff and children.

Secondary School Cashless Catering solutions provide an extensive range of facilities from premium brand touchscreen tills, uniquely designed cash loaders and online payment processing. With extensive reporting, product and menu management, the FasTrak Cashless Catering Solution is one of the most highly specified systems in the marketplace.

BioStore has great relationships with all the councils and leading catering providers, and works closely with them to drive efficiency, reduce waste and increase quality through the FasTrak Cashless Catering solution. With low cost of ownership and a rich feature set, BioStore FasTrak is always the right choice.


BioStore itself links to an organisation’s database (such as a Management Information System) so that additions or changes to user accounts are reflected in all applications.

BioStore works with a wide range of identification methods, including:

  • Biometrics
  • Cards
  • PIN numbers
  • Usernames & Passwords